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How do I listen to the audio previews?

Our music previews should play on all current devices. The necessary software to playback audio should already be installed on most devices/browsers. Your web browser should notify you if any software is required for your particular device/browser to playback our previews.

The preview files on our site are compressed stereo .mp3 files and audio watermarked to prevent illegal usage of our previews. Although the quality is good, the 44.1kHz stereo wav files you will receive in your download package are far superior in quality and contain no audio waterark.

If you can not hear our previews, check your sound card levels, speaker connections and make sure you have the most current driver for your sound card and browser. Please make sure our website is fully loaded and try refreshing the page.

If you are still having issues listening to our previews please contact us.

How do I purchase a license for your music?

Add any items to the cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon. A pop up will appear giving you the option to 'continue shopping', 'checkout' or checkout with PayPal Express. You will be directed to our shopping cart system where you can enter the information required to complete your purchase.

We accept payment from all major credit cards and PayPal. All data is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology and then encrypted securely into our payment gateway. For those customers wishing to pay using a Paypal e-Cheque, please note this will result in your download keys being delayed whilst your payment clears. Depending on your local currency, this can take anything from 3 to 5 days.

When registering and making payment, it is important to provide accurate information as failed transactions often occur when there is a typing error or incorrect address information provided. This can often lead to delays in processing an order.

Loopsound.com is a part of Multimediasound.co.uk. All purchases made on this web site will appear as MULTIMEDIASOUND or MMSOUND on your credit card statement or Paypal account.

How do I select a different license?

To select a license for each track you wish to purchase you will need to either:

  1. Click the settings icon ( ) next to each track, select an option and then add it to your cart or
  2. View your cart, click the settings icon ( ) and select a different license type.

How is my purchase delivered?

When you have successfully completed payment an invoice, confirmation e-mail and a download link will be sent the e-mail address stated on your order so it is very important to use a valid e-mail address to ensure that you receive your download link.

Your download key is a unique encrypted URL to your chosen files and for security reasons will expire 48 hours after purchase. Should you be unable to download within the 48 hour period, you can request to renew your download by contacting us.

When you click your download link you will be directed to your download page. All audio files are contained within a .zip package along with any relevant composer/credit information. Our recordings are supplied as broadcast quality 16bit 44.1kHz .wav files. Please ensure that you backup any sound files, invoices and license agreements.

Do you offer refunds or replacements?

Once our system shows that you have downloaded your sound files then the sale is deemed final and no refund will be possible.

Refunds will only be issued when technical issues such as audio quality or file corruption cause the music to be unusable and the issue unresolvable. When a genuine issue arises i.e. duplicate purchases and billing errors, we will issue a full or partial refund as soon as we are notified.

Following any refund, the license terms relating to the recording(s) will be revoked immediately. You must stop any use of the recordings(s), confirm deletion of all music files from any computer, media or storage device to us via email.

You are responsible for creating backups of any music files downloaded from our website and we recommend that you do this immediately after purchase. We will only reissue a download package for 6 months following your purchase. We cannot be held responsible for replacing items that are removed from our website by the copyright owner during the replacement period.

What is a Performing Rights Organisation (“PRO”)?

Composers can choose to join their local Performing Rights Organisation (“PRO”) who are responsible for the collection of performance royalties when a registered composers music is publicly performed or broadcast. Some composers decide not to register their music with a PRO organisation so their music is completely royalty free.

What is a music cue sheet and when do I need complete one?

A music cue sheet contains details of all audio that has been used in a production/broadcast. The cue sheet contains the title, composer, publisher and the duration of every item of audio contained within the production. A music cue sheet will only need to be completed if the production containing the music is broadcast or publicly performed (e.g. radio, film, television). The cue sheet is given to the composers performing rights organisation (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, PRS) who collect public performance revenue from radio and TV stations, networks, movie theatres, and various other sources. A portion of these collected royalties is divided among the composers and publishers who create and distribute the stock music you use in your productions. In order for the composers and publishers to receive this funding, the usage of their music is recorded on a cue sheet and submitted to the performing rights organisation by the boradcaster.

There are no additional fees associated with the submission of cue sheets and you should complete a cue sheet when a composer is registered to a PRO. Details of composers PRO information are included in your download package

Is this library royalty free?

Some of our composers have decided to register with a Performing Rights Organisation (“PRO”) organisation so the music on this site is generally royalty free rather than completely royalty free.

Most royalty free music sites are generally royalty free and any public performance of a PRO composers music should be reported to the PRO so they can receive their performance royalties. This means the producer of the project containing the music will be required to fill out a cue sheet and submit it to the broadcaster. There is not normally any further cost to the producer as the composer receives royalties from their PRO which is covered by the broadcasters annual blanket license.

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